Miniature Model Trees
Across San Diego & Salt Lake City

The idea of scenery layout and landscaping for model railways is to mirror that of the real world. Details such as grass, rock molds, miniature structures all add to the whole concept of a scaled reality. But no scenery would be complete without quality model trees dotting the landscape of any nature inspired railway landscape.

Trees are found almost everywhere, adding beauty to various sceneries. They are known to add color to an area, add a softer background and attract people to linger around areas where trees are present. They also provide us with defense against climate change and pollution. Trees represent life and when they are captured in miniature tree models, they indeed add glamour and taste to any design layout. This is the same with Grand Central Scenery’s model scale trees. We make model trees that bring life to your designs or presentations. Draw more attention to your model railroad scenery by adding our scale model trees. Give that project a more realistic feel to get the positive response from your audience. Surely you will add more life to your whole design project.

If you are a hobbyist and love to complete your railroad design layout but don’t know where to find just the right kind of accessories to make this a reality, then come to Grand Central Scenery and we will be ready to provide your every need. We have a wide variety of carefully handcrafted model trees designed to enhance your railroad concept to perfection! The choices are endless and we are eager to share these choices with you. You will be amazed with the exquisiteness and sheer attention to detail that goes into each of our creations. You wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to add our model trees into your railroad scenery as they are a crucial feature that will definitely complement your very own train layout.

For any questions and or concerns, feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We will do our best to address your inquiries as soon as possible.