HO-Locomotive Train-Storage Padded Boxes

All Collectibles Deserve The Proper Storage Care

Proper storage care is a must in collectibles. Neglecting the care they need will significantly devalue the integrity of your delicate collection. Without proper fitted packaging the risk of detail damage is high and at times irreversible.

Don’t risk storing your valuable collection in boxes that have not been pre-designed for them, it will only result in regret by easily damaging overhanging delicate detail parts of the exterior of your model trains, such as tubes, pipes, handrails, as well as scratches, fading, peeling in paint or in lettering finishes, weather damage etc. All caused by inadequate box packaging.


To help you consolidate and avoid irreversible damage from inadequate packaging we have custom designed the perfect inexpensive solution to preserve the integrity of your collectibles.

Our Locomotive Storage Boxes are pre-assembled and ready to store your engines and car collection. Made with contoured foam padding inserts for an optimal storage protection, in two convenient sizes to keep your models safely in place and well organized.

The storage units we offer are designed to carry more trains saving you money, time and concerns of having to use many different boxes.

Our storage boxes are designed by a model railroader meeting all the needs a train collector requires by consolidating, organizing and even transporting your trains efficiently so that you can enjoy your valuable trains in mint condition every time.

Why Choose our HO locomotive storage boxes?

Every box fits any type of HO Scale engine between the size of a GE –9 40CW to the smallest of switchers. Simply cut the foam cell insert to the correct difference in car body length.

Each box includes:

• Main contoured foam padding unit with removable inserts
• Thin bags are use as liners to insert and take out your models effortlessly from the padded unit.
• Front sticker to label your valuables.
• Top and bottom quality foam padding for extra protection.
• Custom Designed and Made in the USA

Engine Box Image
Engine Box Image