HO Scale Buildings And Model Structures
Across San Diego & Salt Lake City

Miniature model scenery aims to capture real life environments such as mountains and rivers. But that’s not all that hobbyists and enthusiasts aim to mirror. Given that most model trains are designed based on the steam era machines of old, it’s also fitting to add model structures such that also fit the era.

Here at Grand Central Scenery, we provide a variety of railway model structures that range from cafe’s to saloons, to banks and even barber shops. Our artisans designed each building with careful attention to detail to give off the impression of symmetry in terms of overall railway scenery theme. As one would see in the available photos below, each model structure is carefully constructed and designed to mimic that of old western buildings.

These structures are ideal for anyone hoping to capture the essence of the old west as part of their overall theme. Each model structure is carefully handcrafted and intricately painted to look as though they were part of a once thriving community that has been left by its settlers for better pastures. Indeed, the concept that these O scale and HO Scale buildings provide is sure to capture the imaginations of spectators, hobbyists, and enthusiasts alike.

Not only do we provide realistic old western model structures and HO scale buildings, but we also offer minute details like signs such as animal crossing and railroad crossing signs. That’s right, here at Grand Central Scenery, we’re going above and beyond the traditional miniature railroad supplies by providing those small details that provide a huge impact in overall realism of your layout and scenery.

Order your O scale and HO scale structures from Grand Central Scenery today. Our shop in San Diego caters to various areas across the country. So, whether you’re in the area or in Salt Lake City, or anywhere else for that matter, we can definitely deliver the model structures that you require.

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