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Whether you are beginning , expanding or completing your project, we can help! We not only strive to capture your ideas we help you bring them to life, our goal is to execute what you have envisioned.

For us, this is more than just a hobby is the experience of joy from modeling works of art and the satisfaction of helping modelers of all ages and skill levels from around the world to achieve their goal. We believe miniature modeling is more than art is a culture of it’s own kind.

Creating a miniature world of your own is the goal of all modelers yet the goal cannot be met without experiencing the challenges that come along when learning the art of modeling .We understand modeling it is not an easy process specially when starting from scratch. If you ever felt discouraged, frustrated and clueless investing countless hours yet it seems like a never ending project. Good news, we are here for you! your frustration is our motivation to continue working hard so you don’t have to.

Our company’s purpose is to help you create a miniature world of your own for you to love and enjoy every single detail in it. We want you to experience the excitement of this amazing hobby for years to come and hopefully for you to teach our future generations so it doesn’t become a lost art.

We’ve created a unique one of a kind product line with a variety of handcrafted premium (Ready-Made) realistic model scenery to help you bring your project to life instantly!

We appreciate your trust in choosing us to allow us to help you execute your vision into reality!