Model Scenery And HO Scale Figures
Across San Diego & Salt Lake City

Grand Central Scenery offers one of a kind model scenery and HO scale figures to give your miniature railroad project an added sense of uniqueness. And as a nod of respect to the U.S Forest Service, we’ve designed a special scale figure you would definitely recognize.

We uphold the ideals that only you can prevent wildfires. And our Smokey Bear HO scale figures are sure to remind onlookers and fellow hobbyists alike of the importance of doing one’s part to keep our forests and our wildlife safe from wildfires.

Our artisans right here in San Diego made sure to capture the very image of Smokey Bear. we’ve gone through the time and effort of garnering our scale figure with his traditional ranger hat, blue jeans, and belt. And let’s not forget about his trusty shovel. The detail that has gone through each scale figure and model scenery is definitely incomparable. We made sure to follow each detail of Smokey as he was depicted all these years ago. For us, it’s not just about creating a work of art that model train lovers would adore, but creating a statement piece that pays tribute to the efforts of our forest rangers.

You can order our Smokey Bear paired with three model trees, or you can get the Smokey figure along with a complimentary cabin scenery. Our scales also include a HO scale Smokey bear with the same complementary model scenery.

A portion of our proceeds go to the US Forest Service, so your patronage will definitely help prevent future wildfires from occurring across the country. Give us a call to learn more about our initiative and our products. Our staff is more than willing to give you the assistance you need. Our office is located in San Diego and caters to various regions in the United States.