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Grand Central Scenery is the leader in model railroad supplies. Our company has been around since 1995 and has continued to provide excellent products and services to railroad hobbyists and enthusiasts from San Diego, to Salt Lake City, and across the country. We uphold the idea producing only the finest in model railroad scenery supplies though carefully handmade products. Our artisans are as proud of their craft as they are committed to their passion. Each item we produce is guaranteed to meet and even exceed the expectations of even the most critical of clients.

As the leader in model railroad supplies, Grand Central Scenery is committed to develop creative and innovative model train items that hobbyists and other individuals can use in their scale model designs and creations. Offering prototypical creations that look authentic, our products will make your model railway stand out from the crowd. We elevate your experience as you build prototypes and model railways by offering versatile pieces in our collection of model train accessories. You can change the look of your model railway by simply adding or changing a few design elements. Strategically positioning certain model train accessories in different areas can bring an improved look to your scale model project.

We like to think that the passion we have for creating and manufacturing these model railroad supplies translates in our work and gives modelers and buyers with one-of-a-kind pieces that they would love to integrate into their design concept and construction. There are a dozen different ways you can set up the model train accessories we offer. Our business is known for quality pieces that raise the standard for creativity in model railroad designing. We want to push ourselves by creating terrific pieces that make modelers and hobbyists excited about all that can be done with them.

Our model railroad supplies allow consumers to build anything that they want. You will not run out of options when you avail of our model railway supplies. You can push the limits of your imagination and create something that will look outstanding and unique. Our business has the leg up on other model train accessory providers because using our products enables consumers to easily adjust their model railroads. A switch in scenery layout, an addition of rock molds and trees and rearranging other elements can already allow you to have a totally different model railway design.

Allowing you to use your time to the best of your advantage, our model railroad supplies are easy to assemble and use. We offer a host of possibilities when you put together our model train accessories in different ways. With the quality of the materials we use and the details on the products you can assemble when you buy from us, you will be able to tell an authentic story with the model railroad you create.

Modelers love the colors and textures we offer in our products. Heighten the visual effects in the model railroad you assemble by customizing your railroad scenery layout. Our fine products will make it more fun for you to create beautiful model railroads that will grant you bragging rights in your circle of friends or family. If you aim to showcase your model railway on fairs and exhibitions, you will be sure to stand out with our realistic model train accessories.

Most exhibition railroads may have fantastic-looking trains and engine boxes but lack the “wow factor” when it comes to the scenery and railroad accessories. With the model train supplies we offer; you can effectively enhance the look of your model railroad very easily. Although they are only accessories, and not quite the main event of the show you want to put on when you design a model railway, these accessories elevate the look of your whole scale model project.

We provide hobbyists and modelers with different durable tools that allow for precise work in your scale model projects. You will experience trouble-free construction of the model railway scenery you want with the various items in our product line. We make the appearance and setup of your model railway realistic and keep up with what you have envisioned for your model railroad. The innovative products in our collection are preferred by prototype modelers. We offer diversity in the different model railroad supplies we offer and continually improve the products in our collection.

Amazing products and excellent customer service are the features that make our business stand out from other model railroad accessory providers. As an established business in Salt Lake City, we have extended our services to different locations in our area. We want to assist you in all of you scale model projects and model railroad designs and construction.

It’s all about bringing your projects to life, and with Grand Central Scenery, we aim to deliver exactly what you want. But we wouldn't be where we are today without the unwavering dedication and loyalty of our clients. You are the reason we strive to exceed customer satisfaction. Every time. In everything we do.

Dear Valuable Customer:

We would like to express our gratitude towards our clients who have given their unwavering trust and support to the pioneer and leading company of realistic handcrafted, scenery products — Grand Central Scenery.

The company will continue to operate under the new name Grand Central Scenery to carry on the dream and legacy of the late Andrew Ditto, Founder, Owner, Pioneer in the industry of distribution of handcrafted model railroad supplies and scenery products dating back to 1995.

We strive to exceed the expectations of even the most demanding professional modelers from around the world. Our model railroad supplies have been carefully handcrafted using durable and well-made raw materials to give an added degree of quality that enthusiasts the world over are looking for.

Why Choose Grand Central Scenery Products?

We dedicate our time to build and retain a relationship with our loyal customers such as yourself. We help you save time and money by avoiding the unnecessary stress that can come from doing it yourself. We believe in the age old saying "the customer is always right." That’s why we listen carefully to your comments and concerns, and take your advice into serious consideration. We understand that our customers want only the best bang for their buck and because of it, we are committed to providing the highest quality standards in model railroad supplies, by going above and beyond the competition’s level of customer satisfaction and serving your needs the best way possible.

Our already-made premium, scenery products and model railroad supplies are individually made. We do not mass produce from a factory machine. We handcraft works of art with meticulous care and attention to detail by our family of artisans in Mexico and in the USA. Using top-brand quality, organic materials from environmental resources to replicate the beauty of nature in every model item we make to bring life to any railway project. We believe that careful attention to detail is what separates our product line from the rest of the competition. While the rest may want to settle for good enough, we at Grand Central Scenery take our model railroad supplies a step further by ensuring that all pass quality assurance in terms of detail and durability before we leave our own stamp of approval. It’s the little things that make the most difference, and in our industry, it can mean attaining the satisfaction that our clients deserve or disappointing them, and the latter is never an option for us.

Your satisfaction is considered our pride and our motivation for excellence stems from your undying support. Your feedback, may they be positive or negative, are equally important to us and help us provide a unique and exceptional "buyer experience" by working to exceed expectations for you and for other clients as well.

Thank you for choosing us and for helping others learn about us! We want to hear from you again.

Yours faithfully,

Grand Central Scenery Family

Whether it’s rock molds, engine blocks, trees, or any other model railroad supplies, trust that Grand Central Scenery can provide you with what you need. For questions or concerns, feel free to call us at 801-891-7255 or send us an email at We’re more than willing to address your inquiries. We cater to areas outside San Diego, California such as Salt Lake City, and across the entire country.